Since I'm blogging a conference ...

My friend Amy Gahran is doing an actual conference blog and has some great tips for how to use a blog for a conference.  When I started to write this post I was reminded of Josh Hallet's post on how to actually to conference blog.  Since there will only be one of me, I think I'll just have to do my best at covering as much as I can.

Here are Amy's 10 tips for using a conference blog:


  1. Covering conference sessions and events,
  2. Personal impressions and observations. 
  3. Photos.
  4. Handouts and online resources.
  5. Extending discussion.
  6. Personal tales.
  7. Video and audio.
  8. Tracking coverage.
  9. Setting the stage for in-person discussion.
  10. Followup. ?
You can follow the SEJ conference on the unofficial conference blog.


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Re: Since I'm blogging a conference ...
Yo, Tris! How's the blog business summit? What's your wifi situation there?

- Amy Gahran
Re: Re: Since I'm blogging a conference ...
by Tris Hussey on Wed 25 Oct 2006 03:06 PM EDT
BBS is going great and the WiFi is good (knock on wood). Dave is talking at this moment ... doing his usual awesome job.
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