What's next in online communication: breakfast session

Is blogging so yesterday?  Is something coming down the road that is going to blow it all away?

Jeremy Pepper, Jeanette Gibson (Cisco), John Starweather (Microsoft) having a panel on what we should be watching on the horizon.  I'm having the feeling that this audience isn't quite ready for looking at what's next, when they are still grappling with what's now.

And the questions being asked, bear this out.

The best question I've heard is what metrics can be used to determine ROB ...

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Re: What's next in online communication: breakfast session
I believe two important aspects of blogging is simplicity and jumping in with both feet. A lot of the world is in 'disbelief' about how blogging works and why it reaches readers like it does- that feeling carries over here as well to some degree.

I also thought that John and Jeanette's comments on wireless and mobile device blogging sheds a light on how manufacturers and software developers are aiming at moving blogging to the masses thru cell phones and PDA tech.
Re: Re: What's next in online communication: breakfast session
by Tris Hussey on Thu 26 Oct 2006 01:07 PM EDT
Barry, great comments. Thank you for bringing up the cell phone example because I got distracted at that very moment and missed part of the question and answer. I agree, the whole mobile world will be changing rapidly. Newer, cooler devices are going to make what we are using now look like old crank phones.
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