Whew! Someone blogged my talk about Audience Mesurement

Yes, I finished my talk.  Yes it went really well.  Thanks to Andru for being a great co-speaker. So, yes someone blogged my talk (and I found it via Technorati ... which ties into the current talk on RSS) ... you can judge for yourself how we did then.  Slides?  Here's the MindMap version and a PPT export.  Enjoy!

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Re: Whew! Someone blogged my talk about Audience Mesurement
Congrats! on your panel.

Glad to see people addressing this issue and especially at a (traditional) blog focused conference. Clues me in that people are taking blogs more seriously as a credible marketing strategy.

As you indicated the first step to defining what to measure is to identify what is success. Facebook is looking at what they call "Extent of sharing." How many times people share within a community.

We are in for an interesting ride as new "success" objectives are identified. Now to develop the tools to do the job!
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