Blog Business Summit, the final session ... what's next?

Looking into the future is fun.  The concept, the vision of what could be ... Liz Lawley, Steve, and Matt are doing a job more akin to herding cats or wrangling talking about this.  This isn't bad, in fact it's great.  The discussion is out there, it's interesting ... Matt started with referencing Plato's Republic and the "noble lie" about technology and making it easier is better. Matt thinks makes it personal is key.

The information is the key.  Is the goal transparent tools? Is the goal a giant place where we actually don't know what we're using, it just works?  Would one company control it all?

If they could buy a company:

  • Matt: Sun and Amazon
  • Liz: Six Apart and Amazon
  • Steve:

One think about BBS ... I think I'm going to have to start watching Ze Frank.

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Re: Blog Business Summit, the final session ... what's next?
Hi, I am a Net Identity customer in Japan. I have not been able to access any netidentity sites for 2 days. All display a run-time error.
Please philosophise over the following with your colleagues: How email is now the primary point of communication for many people over the world. How not being able to access an email account can be extremely distressing and upsetting when data, information, contacts etc are all contained within the email site, and the company you are relying on to provide a service, has packed up for the weekend during a particularly problematic migration of data, and noone at all is helping you. I do not want to place blame, but this has been a very very upsetting wkend. I need to access my account. It is very important. Will everything be ok soon? Is my account and contacts and data safe? Will someone please respond to me.
Re: Blog Business Summit, the final session ... what's next?
Hi again, I have been reading about you guys, and you all seem pretty decent, into your tech stuff etc. Far from the villanous image I have been getting. HOWEVER, it makes it even worse that you seem not to give a **** about your customers. I know I have to get on with today, but Netidentity has left me with a very distressing situation(without going into details) by not being able to access my email account. Please Please understand why people are getting so upset. We had a fantastic service over the last 5 has turned around in a very short time to something quite unrecognisable and unreliable. Ok..I give up. I will not waste today..but please know you have made a very sad personal situation even more upsetting because I cannot access my email account. Each email account is not just a statistic..
Re: Re: Blog Business Summit, the final session ... what's next?
Hi Fee -

Thanks for your comments. As we discussed on the NetIdentty blog, the retail team doesn't actually monitor this blog for support requests such as the ones you left over the weekend. The best way to get assistance on matters like this is still through the NetIdentity customer service team via email at "" (or if you are a Domain Direct customer, via "".

Thanks again for your feedback.

Ross Rader
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